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Of all the things I have to worry about with motherhood looming just a few weeks away, it’s not thoughts of dirty diapers, breast feeding or getting my baby to sleep at night that keep me up till the wee hours. I don’t toss and turn worrying about all the life changes heading my way—or the fact that I’m about to go from party girl to poopy diapers in 9 ½ months flat.

It’s the choices out there to help me manage these life changes that really make my head spin.

Take the damn stroller for example: Bugaboo vs. Uppa Baby. The Bob vs. Baby Jogger. A McLaren umbrella stroller vs. the 16-lb City Mini? And what’s that you say, I also need a snap-n-go for the car?

No matter how you slice it, you’re going to end up with three different strollers for one stinky baby, especially if you live in the city, which is something my husband and I were desperately trying to avoid (the three strollers not the city), out of principle. The economy’s in the toilet, but we “need” three strollers? Despite our best efforts to consolidate our needs into one stroller (all-terrain, easy to fold, and good looking), we finally succumbed to this three-stroller concept: one for the home, one for the car, and one for traveling.

When you’re as tall as I am — 5 foot 2 on a good day — the idea of lugging around a 26-pound stroller, lifting it in and out of your car (along with the 20-plus pound car seat and baby) is something to be concerned about. Even after all those mommy muscles I’m about to grow, that’s a lot of weight for a girl my size. And through all my grueling research, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is in fact no one perfect stroller out there. Heck, after all the research I’ve done, I might as well invent it myself. (I’ll put that down on the to-do list after Baby G arrives.)

So that’s how we ended up here: A household of three strollers, one baby, and two SUVs.

The closest I’ve found to stroller nirvana is the Easy Walker, sold at Twinkle Twinkle Little One, my favorite baby boutique in the city, because of its super sleek, multi-functional Dutch design. It took months of soul searching and sleepless nights to finally settle on my choice for a main stroller, the one I’ll keep at my house for long walks, or jogs, around the neighborhood. (Another thing to add to my baby to-do list: “Take long walks and jogs around the neighborhood so I can get good use out of my expensive Dutch stroller.”)

Through this soul searching I also came to realize something else: As popular as they are, my husband and I are not of the Bugaboo kind. Not that there’s anything wrong with a ‘Boo, but I just couldn’t picture either one of us pushing that fancy pram around. The Easy Walker, though it too has a basinet, is much sportier, has cuter colors, and is more our style—plus fewer people know about it. And yes, style plays an important part in the decision making when you’re spending upwards of $600 for a stroller you’re going to be using till the baby is 5.

As my mom likes to point out, every day, they didn’t have these many choices when I was born – one old-fashioned English buggy would suffice. What, you mean there weren’t Aden and Anais swaddlers back then? They probably didn’t have as many different umbrella strollers either, but I bet they would’ve liked the City Mini for its multi-purpose use and collapsibility. Even the Combi snap-n-go is a great purchase for those days when you want to keep things light. At $60, I’m willing to bet it’s the stroller I use the most in the first 6 months.

But hey, a girl’s gotta have options.

Ed. Note: The Combi snap-n-go IS the stroller I use most! Though I love, love, love my Easy Walker. Almost as much as my baby. OK, keep reading…

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