We’ve been married exactly 16 months—our wedding date is Sept. 21, 2008—and my mom and I just finished picking the photos out for our wedding album. It’s so much harder to narrow down the picks in the Digital Age; our photog gave us 1,500 beautiful photos to choose from, and told us to whittle down our choices to roughly 150. I’m no mathematician but I think that’s a 10th of the photos we have. And there were 350 people at our wedding, 200 of which are family on my husband’s side. I wish I was kidding about that. (We invited almost 500 people, hence why I haven’t finished my thank-you notes yet. I wish I was kidding about that too.)

Now it’s just a matter of getting an appointment with our photographer, Jai Girard, and going through the photos together, to make some suggested edits. She does amazing work, but she likes to fiddle with Photoshop a little too much. She also shot way too many photos of our parents’ friends. I would’ve liked more candids of our friends during the reception, but hey, what can ya do? It’s not like we’re renewing our vows anytime soon, my name isn’t Heidi Klum.

If I could have a do-over, there aren’t many things I’d do differently, just a few: Like 1) I’d take a picture in the vintage photo booth we rented with my husband next time. Can’t believe we forgot to do that! And 2) I’d eat. It kills me to think about all that wonderful food we had, especially during the cocktail reception (latkes and cavier; 2 hummus stations; mini hot dogs and burgers; sushi; Moroccan cigars; mini salmon pizzas). Kills me. Finally, 3) I would’ve insisted on having the photographer and videographer stay till the bitter end. I lost that battle with my mom, who didn’t think there’d be enough people left during the after-party to warrant paying overtime for the shooters. She was, of course, dead wrong. And finally admitted it to me recently. Some of our best memories that night took place during the after-party. Word to the unwed: Stay true to your convictions when it comes to planning YOUR wedding.

I didn’t eat the cake either, but we kept the top of it and had it on our one-year anniversary. It was pretty good for a kosher red-velvet cake made without milk.

The wedding cake

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