The results are in for the poll I posted last week, Why should hire me as their new mom-blogger?

Well, apparently my gentle nudging worked: As of today, I am officially the new “working mom” blogger for! I start blogging for them every Monday, beginning Feb. 1. Don’t forget to tune in! (Um, okay, I’ll remind you.)

A big thanks to Sasha Emmons, the lovely senior editor who hired me, who also happens to be a former colleague of mine from, where we worked as young and impressionable associate producers for the first entertainment-based city guide that ever existed, owned by Microsoft. This was in 1998—before blogging even existed. Can you believe it? Aside from my nearly year-long internship with the Tribune, this was the first full-time job I had—I credit this job with launching my career as an entertainment journalist, website producer, columnist and, eventually, blogger, for amazing companies like Microsoft, AOL, Citysearch, Chicago magazine, Playboy, People, and now Parenting. It’s pretty amazing to see my life come full circle like this.

I am beyond excited to start blogging for, about my favorite job yet—being a mom to the best baby on the planet. And truly honored to join the ranks of other mom-bloggers out there, a distinguished group of women who work tirelessly to shed light with a little humor and a lot of soul on the lives of moms. I feel very fortunate today indeed.

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