Granny Franny—aka my Media Mogul Mom—has sent an email to just about everyone she knows about my new blog for Always the savvy PR pro, MMM pinged every major local media person in the surrounding Chicagoland area, in the print and broadcasting arenas. Of course I couldn’t possibly repay her for her unsolicited services at this time—after all, times are tough at my Mommy Media Empire; so, instead, I promised to pay her 10 percent of the first million I make off my publishing ventures. Or, the proceeds when my first book lands on the New York Times bestseller list…whichever comes first. (Note: This could take a while, as in never.)

This was her email:

I’m so happy to tell you about Sarah’s newest (ad)venture.  She’s the new “Working Mom” blogger for, one of the most popular websites for today’s 21st Century Moms.  She has a weekly blog starting on Feb. 1.  Parenting Magazine is the “bible” for Parents…ask your kids…and their online site gets 12 million hits a month.  It’s really a terrific extension of Sarah’s voice and a very long way from Last Girl Standing!

Yes, she continues as Managing Editor of and of course, most importantly, being the Mom of the world’s cutest and best little boy, Preston. 

Granny Franny


The woman has a way with words. Robert Feder, the most discerning of all the Chicago media critics—he wrote his insanely popular media column for the Sun-Times for 30 some-odd years—gave me a nod in his column today. Scroll down way past WGN’s Allison Payne and her alleged (and very sad) addiction problems.

It’s a true honor that the most well respected media critic in the biz finds me, and my little blog for, worth covering. Thanks, Feder!

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