Well, it’s official. Preston has started teething—and he’ll be five months old next weekend. Saturday was the first time I’ve seen him cry like that—he was so miserable, and there wasn’t much we could do to comfort him. Believe me, I tried (when I wasn’t crying myself). Even though he wasn’t feeling well, we had a dinner party to attend in the ‘burbs on Saturday, and he pretty much cried the entire time—which, as we know, is SO not like him. He’s usually the life of the party, not the party pooper.  A drop of baby Motrin and some baby Orajel seemed to help, but I hope he doesn’t think that drugs are always the answer! (Much of the time they are, but not always.)

My little guy is such a trooper.

As miserable as Saturday was, Sunday was a brand-new chapter in Preston’s little life. Brace yourself for this one, Internet: Preston, a week shy of his five-month birthday, said his first words on Sunday! Yup, you read that right, BabyCenter.com! I think this safely qualifies P. Dubs as an infant prodigy.

He’s been very verbal lately—like studying my mouth when I talk, and starting to attempt to mimmic my words. There’s a witching hour at night when he gets very talkative, and it’s usually when other people aren’t around to witness it. It happened again on Sunday night—he was talking up a storm after I fed him his last 8-oz. bottle, forming “dddd” sounds using his tongue against his gums. Since I’ve given up all hope that “mama” will be his first word, I decided to help him along by repeating “dada” over and over again. I knew it was coming…so I called Jay in from the other room…thank GOD I was able to tear him away from Xbox. A few minutes later and a lot of baby talk, Preston said it: “dadadadada.” Jay was there to witness it, too, you should’ve seen the look on his face. Priceless.

Preston said “dada” again the next morning for our nanny, so at least we know it wasn’t a total fluke. I’m not claiming he understands the meaning of what he said, but he definitely said it. Which validates what I’ve thought all along: The kid is a freaking genius.

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