So the ongoing joke in my family about Preston “flunking” daycare–or being a “daycare dropout”–is starting to get very old. He didn’t FLUNK. I made the very deliberate decision to take him out of daycare…after two excruciating weeks (which only amounted to four days, since he was only attending two days a week). But let me tell you–those were four very tough days, during a particularly tough time for our family, which I wrote about in a blog titled: Do You Ever Feel Like Your Life is Unraveling?

The day Preston started daycare was the same day the notorious Snowpocalypse of 2011 started–the worst blizzard Chicago has seen in decades. And it just so happens it was also the day we had to take Jay to the ER because he had thrown his back out and was in debilitating pain. So we dropped Preston off at daycare, then went home, then took Jay to the ER, then I had to leave him there to go pick Preston up early from daycare (they were closing at 3 to prepare for the looming blizzard), then had to try to make my way back to the hospital right when the blizzard was starting, proceeded to get stuck in RIDICULOUS traffic, only to find out that Jay decided to leave the hospital to WALK home. In back pain. During a blizzard. While I’m stuck in a car with an irritable toddler, going the wrong way.

There’s a lot more to the story of why we made the decision to take him out of daycare, which I touch on here. But the bottom line is this: Ever since I took Preston out of daycare, he’s been much happier, much less clingy, he’s been sleeping much better, and in general back to his normal, adorable, sweet, social self.

Preston's smiling

When he’s happy, we’re happy.

I’m not ruling it out–we might try again when he’s a little older, and if we do that we will approach it a little differently (i.e. I won’t leave him there for eight straight hours his first week)–but this wasn’t his time, nor was it ours. So we’re back to having our nanny four days a week, while Jay takes care of Preston on Thursdays. It’s working out for everyone.

And frankly, I’m not sure he’s a daycare kid–any more than we’re daycare parents. That might not be the popular thing to say, but it’s how I feel.

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