I came home tonight at almost 11 p.m. from a lovely dinner/drinks/dish session at Arami, with the even lovelier Carolyn Pelissero of Boldface Communications Group, to find this sight.

The red kitchenI just ordered a new crop of toys for Preston, since he’s been bored to tears with all his infant/baby toys. My favorite thing ever is this red vintage-looking kitchen that I’ve been coveting for months now. I cannot wait to play with it tomorrow, er, uh, with Preston I mean—it’ll be like Christmas morning in the Gorenstein house. (Except we don’t celebrate Christmas.) This thing has a microwave, fridge, sink, oven, stove top and phone! I wish my kitchen was as cool looking as this.

(Red Retro Kitchen by KidCraft, $149, Amazon Prime)

Poor Jay spent hours putting it together today—don’t believe the lies on the consumer reviews that say it takes two-and-a-half hours to assemble. It most certainly doesn’t.

The finished product is beautiful though (thousands of tiny screws later). We know who’s winning Dad of the Year this Father’s Day.

Kitchen finished productAnd of course we also had to have a shopping cart by Little Tikes ($30, Amazon Prime) to go with our new kitchen and pretend vegetables and condiments.

The endless hours of fun we’re going to have for years to come: priceless!

Is it normal to be this excited?

Update: Preston was almost as excited as I was about his new kitchen set. And he almost caught yet another finger in the cabinet door. (No wonder the product says it’s for ages 3 and up.)

The kid already knows how to multi-task, talking on the phone while simultaneously pushing his shopping cart around. Photos will be posted later, stay tuned.

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