GD tank

It’s the little things in life that make me happy…

My son’s infectious laugh (and hilarious obsession with water).

Spending New Year’s Eve, four years in a row, with my best friend from high school.

Watching movies in bed with my husband (especially when it’s a movie we both agree on and like).

Spending New Year’s Day with my family, almost every year I’ve been alive (Jan. 1 was my late Grandma Rhoda’s b-day—the most elegant and sophisticated woman I know).

Reading, and actually finishing, a good book.


And the Grateful Dead (Grandma Rhoda didn’t share my love of Jerry Garcia, needless to say). I spent the better part of my high school and college years going to Dead shows, selling veggie bagels and beer in parking lots from Chicago to Indiana to Atlanta, scoring “a miracle” ticket (and backstage passes!) to the last Dead show at Soldier Field with my partner in crime Jamie.

Which is why I am in love with this new tank-top, handmade by my old friend Laura Merlo. She buys soft vintage-like tees adorned with band logos, and then cuts, twists, braids and sews the edges herself, to give them that worn look—like the tees I still have from all the shows I attended, but a helluva lot cuter.

If you’re interested in buying one (she also makes Guns ‘N’ Roses, Beatles and Hendrix tees and tanks, among others), send her an email at laurabethmerlo at gmail dot com. It’s safe to say this is my single favorite piece of clothing right now—I like it so much I wore it on New Year’s Eve.

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