FamilyWriter, editor, magazine columnist, blogger, digital content creator and strategist—that’s me in a nutshell, when I’m not an overwhelmed working mom and wife to my husband Jay, my “beshert” and best friend.

A former nightlife columnist and feature writer for Chicago magazine (and the first blogger for, where I was a contributing editor for eight years, since then my life has done a 180; late nights covering bar openings, charity galas, celebrity-headlined events and my dating life are such a distant thing of the past I can hardly remember them. (That might have something to do with the late nights.)

For nearly 10 years I was also the managing editor of, overseeing editorial operations for the digital division of Playboy, and creating compelling editorial and branded entertainment content—and, yes, attending and covering Playboy Mansion parties. (Every bit as fun and naughty as it sounds.) During that crazy period of my life, I was pulling all-nighters pounding the pavement as a freelance journalist as well, writing regularly for such publications as People magazine and Michigan Avenue Magazine, hosting events, radio and TV segments; you can see my portfolio of work here.

Then I got married, got pregnant, and everything changed. My son Preston is 5 years old and starting kindergarten, and my daughter Ivy is 15 months old going on constant adrenaline, and I just hit 40 this year–needless to say, I’m running on empty most days. Almost as soon as I became a mom in 2009, I began chronicling my motherhood journey for Parenting magazine’s website as one of their weekly “mom bloggers” and found my voice among the working mom cognoscenti. I’ve written about being a working mom; trying to get pregnant with my second child while facing secondary infertility; and then I had the pleasure of documenting my 9-month slug through my second (and very difficult) pregnancy.

As of April 2012, I’ve been working full time for Orbitz Worldwide, as the Editor-in-Chief of Content, and running operations at our family’s Deerfield headquarters in the north suburbs of Chicago. Want to chat? Drop me a line at spgorenstein at gmail dot com.

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  5. Carrie says:

    Hi Sarh,

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  7. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you and congratulations on your amazing coverage of the most amazing duo…Candice and Steven Rosen in your Michigan Ave Magazine piece published this week end. On Wednesday Nov 9th, Steve is receiving the Man of Distinction Award from the Israel Cancer Research Fund. Lance Friedman, glass artist in Chicago created a one of a kind glass art piece that represents healing hands and the containment of cancer. The piece is breathtakingly beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, Bonnie Hunt, is flying from LA to Chicago to honor Steve at this special event at the Hyatt this Wednesday at 6:30. Celebrities, philanthropists, grateful patients, cancer survivors and who’s is who in Chicago business scene will be there. The award is being presented by the Israel Cancer Research Fund, the largest private funder of cancer research in Israel. Andy Shaw, Jacki Barron and Ann Lurie will pay special tribute to our amazing friend, Dr. Steven T. Rosen.

    For more information, please visit and click on IL for the Chicago Chapter.
    Dr. Steven T. Rosen
    Man of Distinction Award
    Hyatt Regency – Crystall Ballroom – Dietary Laws Observed – Business Attire
    Wednesday Nov 9th 2011 6:30 pm
    Co Chairs: Ted Schwartz, Bruce Barron, Shirley Ryan, Pat Ryan, Paul Fox, Keith Shapiro and Sam Skinner

    Thank you,

    Claudia Freed
    Volunteer – Chair of the ICRF Chicago Chapter
    Media Contact: 630-670-3321

  8. Eric Hicks says:

    Hello. My name is Eric Hicks. I have been working on a project that I believe is for children and parents/grandparents alike. It is a collection of funny, thoughtful, and, sometimes, twisted poems and songs. I truly want to put something positive out in the world and I am looking asking for your support. Please look it over and tell your readers.

    Thank you,

  9. “Sarah Preston Gorenstein | The Cosmo Mom” was in fact compelling and insightful!
    Within the present day world that is quite hard to execute.
    Thank you, Danny

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